Basseterre: St. Kitts, Wednesday, March 06, 2024:​ The St. Paul’s Primary school celebrated its annual Literacy Week under the theme Exploring My Inner World and the Outer World Through Literacy, during the week of Monday February 26 to Thursday February 29.

Teacher Ms. Lashauna Bridgewater gave a brief overview of the week, “Our activities began on Monday with an Opening Literacy Festival. After the Literacy Festival the students explored literacy throughout the school yard as they participated in Treasure Hunts, games, storytelling, solving puzzles and other activities. Tuesday was Book Day. Students were given the opportunity to select a book whether it be fiction, non-fiction, cooking, travel, and adventure. On Wednesday literacy advocates or champions were invited to the school to engage students in literacy activities such as storytelling. Locomotion Thursday, the St. Paul’s Primary school will move through the community showcasing the theme Exploring My Inner World and the Outer World Through Literacy. We also had our Word Wall Class Competition. This event spiked the interest of all teachers and students.”

“The objective of this exercise is to further empower students to listen, speak, read, write, view, and visually represent in an exciting and interactive approach. Our Mission is to improve students’ motivation and language arts skills as well as to bring awareness to the community and other stakeholders about the importance of literacy. It has been such an eventful week,” expressed Teacher Bridgewater.

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